An app designed for street food lovers. The app was intended to build awareness, order and review street food vendors nearby and place orders via the app.

A QR scanner was utilised for participating vendors so customers could claim digital loyalty card points.

We also developed a simple  vendor control panel which enabled vendors access to vital data they otherwise would not have access to. Giving them valuable sales insights to empower decision making, food innovation and business growth.


Many street food vendors struggle to reach a broader audience due to limited visibility. Potential customers often miss out on unique and delicious street food experiences because they are unaware of nearby vendors.

Street food transactions are often cash-based, which can be inconvenient for both vendors and customers. Additionally, vendors may lack tools to implement loyalty programs.

Hawwker aimed to resolve these problems.


Discovery sessions are vital in understanding what problems the customer hopes to solve and the business outcomes they hope to achieve for their product.

It’s our role as designers to sometimes challenge their assumptions and present a viable alternative solution. Workshops are an important way of achieving this to work collaboratively to get to the root of the problem they’re hoping to solve.


The Hawwker brand was designed to appeal to young, street food lovers. It has an urban feel including bold type, rough textures with a vibrant accent colour. The slogan “Streat Better” was also developed.

The logo is made up of a map pin and a hawk’s head to reflect the name and the intent of the app to discover new street food stalls.

What did we achieve?

→ Building awareness of independent street food vendors.

→ Incentivised customers to return and support vendors with loyalty scheme.

→ Sales insights to empower decision making, food innovation and business growth.