The logo utilises the existing Deliveroo logo to keep the brand consistent with the rest of the Deliveroo family of logos. From the base logo the double ‘O’ is utilised to symbolise the restaurant and supplier to highlight the connection and communication aspect of the product.

A logo for Innovate Now, a series of tech-based seminars and networking opportunities. The Symbol combines an uppercase I and N as well as two speech bubbles to incorporate the name and theme of the event(s) into one icon.
This past year (2017), hedgehog lab has celebrated our 10th anniversary, the time was right to refresh our logo to reflect how far we’ve come. I was proud to create the brand which will represent us as a company for the next 10+ years.
Logo for Clever Clinic. It represents two interlocking ‘C’s which forms a chain symbolising the many interlinking components which makes up the software. It also represents (when rotated 45°) a stack of papers which one of the intentions of the system is to replace and digitise patient records.
An unused logo concept for Harry & the Moon, a children’s indoor camping/sleepover party business. I created this pretty self-explanatory concept of a boy sitting under the moon which attempts to capture the magic around a campfire.
Personal identity for ‘Light of Day’. I originally created the name for my portfolio demonstrating work which “never got to see the light of day” for various reasons. The logo incorporates a Davey Lamp as a symbol of hard work. For me, it’s symbolic of North East grafters who worked tirelessly down the mines. It’s also a dedication to my Grandad who was the head foreman in the mines and drilled into me the idea of working hard to get out of life what you put into it.
Logo for an online fitness program. The icon symbolises the lines of a line graph (performance) muscle fibres (strength) and the negative space within symbolising steps (progression). They combine to form an ‘S’ for the brand name.

Branding for extreme sports app ‘Flixtreme’. A name, brand and app I developed. The name is based around the app’s functionality of flicking through a “stream” of extreme sports users to connect to. The brand utilises the ‘F’ from the company name as a mountain or ramp to tie in with the extreme sports theme.

Name and logo for bitcoin app, reenforcing the idea of giving power/control to the people. Name combines the words 'crown' and 'crowd' = royalty & people.

Logo for bitcoin marketplace app, exploring the idea of giving power/control to the people. The name combines the words ‘crown’ & ‘crowd’ = royalty & people.

Hand made, bespoke logotype for a gifting app. The letter ‘g’ doubles up as a gift bow.

Citease is an in-development app which recommends things to do during city breaks. I designed the name (City + Ease) and the logo which is intended to represent a city map.

Logo for football betting app. Bets were placed on potential scenarios with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ outcome. The logo refelcts this consept with the thumbs up or down within the ball.

Flektion is a consultancy dedicated to working with business to get the most out of technology. An Inflection of which the company name is derived is the point in a curve that it changes. Focusing on this idea, the logo comprises of two curves to form an F motif. They also represent reflection and two parties coming together.
One of the more ‘interesting’ clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Eva Lovia is an adult entertainer and I had the opportunity to redesign her logo. The brief was to create a simple typographical logo treatment. I opted to utilise the ‘E’ of Eva and turn it into a crown positioned over the top of the ‘O’ of Lovia. This was also used as a cheeky suggestive nod to the ‘the big O’.
Logo for Littr app. Littr was an app concept whereby users could leave a behind voice memos, photos or messages for others to discover by “dropping digital litter”.
Fun little logo I made up for a fictitious company called ‘B Hive’ incorporating the hive motif into the letter B.
Logo for a ride-hailing app to rival Uber which unfortunately never made it into production.
Similar to Tecxi, Beaco was an iBeacon product we started to develop at Tint which we hoped would tie into our work with Spontly. However, it never made it into development.
Logo for ‘Dead to Shred’ a mobile snowboarding game with zombies, I came up with the name and this logo which was fun to produce.
Logo for a friend who runs a French tuition company. The name made this one a pretty easy concept to deliver.

A logo I created a few years back for ‘Glamour Bunny’ who produce vintage, pinup style clothing for women.

A logo I created for a company that provided online deals long before the likes of Groupon. Unfortunately they didn’t last but I still like the logo.

A set of logos I produced for Go-Ahead group for their ‘The Key” bus pass at the start of my career.
Logo produced for friends autocentre, MCR Tyres. Utilising a tyre print to produce an “M”.
Ruth runs the brilliantly colourful Love It Love It Love It. An online, boutique kids clothing brand. The logo, hopefully, speaks for itself.
I created the logo for former Liverpool, Cardiff City and Newcastle United footballer Craig Bellamy’s foundation based in Sierra Leone.