Lead Designer as part of the in-house team rebranding hedgehog lab. Due to our shift toward working with more blue chip companies we felt the need to reflect and update our brand . The aim was to develop a brand which felt more ‘grown up’ and reflected our association with higher end clientele, whilst retaining our identity as a “people first” organisation. 

The Team

My Role: Lead Designer
1 Product Owner
1 Marketing Manager
2 Developers

Although not gone entirely, our much loved hedgehog mascot (seen below) will now be used as a secondary device, making way for a simpler and more professional word marque. 

A simple angle has been added to the ascenders of our new, bolder font to suggest spikes of a hedgehog.

(Swipe for previous logo).

Our previous website was very text heavy, with little in the way of supporting imagery. I decided to take an almost editorial/coffee table book approach and chunk information into more digestible sections, so users could browse and absorb the information much easier at their leisure. 

Although our previous brand was loved by both our clients and staff, we felt it time for a refresh. The new brand reflects our shift to partnering with more blue chip companies. 

Bold patterns, borrowed from our original hedgehog marque were used as another element used throughout the rebrand. Links back to our past were just as important as a fresh approach for the future.

Punchy colours to contrast our new primary blue/grey and bold fonts have been used to retain some of our identity as a “people first” organisation. We were keen to remember who we are and where we’ve come from as not to alienate our current partners and employees.


  • Refreshed our brand to a more ‘grown up’ aesthetic

  • Retained links to our past whilst creating a brand more suited to our current objectives

  • Content is arranged in a much more digestible format, for a casual, engaging experience