I was the lead designer as part of the team at hedgehog lab,  delivering the digital clinic management tool, Clever Clinic. Healthxchange Pharmacy, one of the UK’s leading providers of aesthetic supplies, wanted to create a full-featured platform for healthcare providers in the medical aesthetics industry.

Consisting of the Clever Consult, Clever Compliance and Clever Care applications, the platform centralises client consultation reports, medical records, consent forms and booking management to lessen the administrative burden for medical practitioners and guarantee regulatory compliance.

The Team

My Role: Lead Designer
2 Product Owners
1 Scrum Master
1 Supporting Designer
1 User Researcher
9 Engineers
1 Test Engineer

As the product included so many features, some of which could have been apps in themselves, it was critical we planned as much as we possibly could.

Whiteboards, post-its notes and plenty of scribbling went in to the early phases of the development of the app.

Due to the size of the app we felt it necessary to tackle it in three chunks. Onboarding, calendar/appointment booking and consultations. Bare bones prototypes followed which we tested, to ensure the experience was seamless and nothing was missed between each ‘chunk’ of the app ensuring the app felt like it all belonged as one product.

Early handmade scamps were roughly translated to digital versions to help communicate our vision to the customer and test with users.

Wireframing, site mapping and our user research team was utilised throughout to validate everything we developed as a team.

This meant everything we developed, we were confident had been through stringent planning and testing before it reached real users hands.

Simple microinteractions used to help communicate the vision with the customer and development team the types of interactions we were looking to deliver.

The app was launched at CCR 2018, the Europe’s leading medical aesthetic event.

The video I produced introducing Clever Clinic shown on a giant video wall at CCR 2018.

The calendar and booking system in itself could have been a standalone product handling doctor’s individual and clinic wide diaries, out of office calendar, and patient booking system with the ability to arrange follow up and repeat treaments. 

What did we achieve?

  •  4.5 review score on Apple Store at launch.

  • Digitised the preexisting analogue process.

  • Adhered to the strict regulatory standards of the healthcare industry to ensure security, safety and compliance of sensitive patient record keeping and payment.

  • Utilised at up to 4,000 clinics in the UK and Channel Islands