The Team

My Role: Lead Designer | 1 Product Owner | 1 Supporting Designer | 5 Engineers | 1 Test Engineer

We helped to develop an app which offered comprehensive assistance to disabled users on the go, empowering them to greater independence to an accessible world.

The app that offered the ability to request assistance before turning up at any service provider or retailer. The app improves daily life for disabled users, assisting them in getting to work, shopping and travelling so they can purchase goods and services, and fully engage with society. 

We analysed a lot of language used within the sector and existing assistance websites and apps and felt it perhaps alienated or drew too much attention to a potential users disability.

We, therefore, decided we should approach this challenge with a bit more sensitivity, not as an app for people with an impairment but rather an app that would be accessible for anyone to use. We spent a great deal of time creating language as not to draw attention to a users disability rather the assistance they required. For example “Mobility impairment” became “I require physical support”.

What did we achieve?

  • Extensive research into accessibility.

  • Normalised language to ensure users don’t feel discriminated against or emphasised  their disability. 

  • Designed an app which is accessible for anyone.